Learn about what other Interactors have been up to during the global quarantine!



Parklands College Interact Club District 9350-South Africa

We encouraged our Interact Club members to do a "Spring clean" and set aside items they no longer use, such as household items and clothing, which will then be donated to those severely affected by the Corona Virus pandemic. The items collected are going to be donated to an organisation called Recycle Swop Shop Dunoon once our national lockdown has lifted. Recycle Swop Shop Dunoon is an empowerment initiative whereby members of this underprivileged are given the opportunity to help themselves by collecting recyclable items. They then exchange the bags of recycling at the Swop Shop for essential, personal and household items. We contacted our Twin Club in Vermont, USA, about this project and they will be doing a similar sort of collection drive when their restrictions ease.



Parklands College Interact Club District 9350-South Africa

One thing we have a lot of is time due to isolation. We are doing Zoom calls with the elderly to let them have someone to speak to during these tough times and put a smile on their faces. We are doing Zoom calls every Monday, Wednesday and Friday where 3 to 4 of us speak to them for around 30 minutes. Our Target are the elderly in old age homes with little or no family support. The status of this project is ongoing. We are in our third week of doing the calls, and we plan to extend it for a few more weeks. The residents love it because they feel like they have been taken out of the home and transformed into normality. We are seeing lots of smiles, and what we are hearing that the residents are queuing to get on the calls. It’s lovely to see them smile and hear their stories. We are aiming one day to actually go to the old age home and have a proper cup of tea with them, face to face.



Parklands College Interact Club District 9350-South Africa in collaboration with the Rostock Interact Club in Germany

We are spreading positivity in our neighbourhood by dropping off inspirational messages to our neighbours. Our Interactors wrote letters that included inspirational messages and dropped them off in the neighbours' postboxes. To spread some positivity and hope in our neighbourhood during these challenging times in the world.

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Parklands College Interact Club District 9350-South Africa

We will be having an Interact Movie Night with our club to end off the (online) school week on a high! As well as to get the club excited for the Virtual Interact Camp. The movie night will take place using the Netflix Party Chrome Extension. The club will be able to vote on a movie from a list the committee has compiled. (This will be done using a Google Form and we will also be putting a poll on our Instagram story). Our goal is to bond and have a fun night with our club :)

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Parklands College Interact Club District 9350-South Africa

We will be hosting a virtual Interact Camp on either Zoom or Google Meets where we will engage and do camp activities from the comfort of our own homes. A camp itinerary has not yet been confirmed, however the activities will consist of service related projects and many fun camp games! The camp will be completely free, however we will be offering additional (optional) activities, such as a Dumpling Cooking session which will come with a small fee. This money will be donated to the Reach for a Dream Foundation. This project will be held over Zoom in June (dates TBA).

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Interact Club San Felipe Oeste District 4380 Venezuela

We want to invite you to join this wonderful and simple Challenge called "DAS" (Donate, Help and Smile): a challenge created, organized and carried out by our club for two consecutive years. This year's edition is performed in three simple steps:

  1. Select and group in a box your belongings that you use the least and are willing to donate

  2. Write in the box # DAS or #DASporelmundo

  3. Photograph yourself next to the box and publish it on your social networks with this same hagstash. 

All these packages must be donated later, and in the same way they must publish the evidence on their networks by tagging the club (@icsanfelipeoeste)  and placing # DAS #DASporelmundo 

Due to the difficult situation, we have decided to create a new edition in which everyone can participate from home.

This challenge is intended to make smile all  those people who require our hand .

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nteract Armero-Ibague District 4281 Colombia

We are making free courses and videos of cooking, music classes and more using videos and tools like zoom!
The propose is to help young people pass the time in and out of the quarantine! 
We have already uploaded our first video and on our official Instagram page you can find pictures of us making origami tutorials.



Interact Club Encarnación Norte District 4845 Paraguay

We made a talk through the zoom application specifically explaining the use of the Microsoft Teams platform

Firstly, we launched a survey to find out the reality of young people with the use of the different platforms, then we analyzed the responses and continued creating an enrollment form with a phone number requirement and with these data we created groups on WhatsApp where we shared the directions, information corresponding for the talk and then send the link to enter the talk in the Zoom application.

Our purpose is to help people, specifically young people, in the use and understanding of the new platforms that are being developed for virtual classes.

At this moment we are in the last phase, that is, finishing the project and obtaining much interest and thanks from the people involved.



Interact club Plovdiv - Philippopol District 2482 Bulgaria

Helping people in need, affected by the COVID-19 crisis by providing essential packages to families in the Plovdiv region. This project is now finished but the purpose was to provide what is essential to the ones who were left without a job because of the virus and they couldn't buy it by themselves.



Interact Club of School 155, Kyiv Distrct 
2232 Ukraine

We want to raise awareness of the world about the importance of vaccination. Overall, we work hard in order to ruin myths about vaccination. 
We have created posters, flyers, promo video. We have taken part in different events such as: Polio Day, Expo against allergy etc. What is more, we have distributed flyers in order to raise awareness about vaccination among the members of our society. 
The purpose is to help people understand why vaccination is important and ruin harmful myths about it. Our targets are members of Ukrainian society, who are against vaccination.

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Interact Club Veliko Tarnovo District 2482 Bulgaria

We are in process of making a project in which people from all over the world can tell us a story and famous influencer will read it in live stream on our instagram page @interact.vt  . We are trying to make contact with famous actors and their managers. After this we will make a post with our e-mail and wait a week before we select a few stories.